Live the life you want now because time is the one thing you can't get back......

There’s comes a point in your life…..

For some of us it’s a gradual realisation, a realisation that somehow our lives just aren’t quite as in control or harmonious as we’d hoped they would be. For some it literally happens overnight, waking the next morning knowing that it has to change. Often this sudden overnight realisation is driven by a dramatic change in circumstances, but however we get to the point where we decide enough is enough, it’s an incredibly exciting (if a little scary) place to be.

In today’s modern world, we are absolutely sure that we will be able to make parenthood and a career work.  Being the type of parents we want to be while seamlessly pursuing our chosen career. And for a while it seems to work. Well, once we get over the huge decision of which childcare is best for our kids of course! And then things start to get a little tougher. What to do when your child is ill? When you need to work late? How to attend the many school events? And of course the never ending clubs and extra activities required to flex school times to meet working times and cover the school holidays. 

Introducing parent guilt and impossible daily decisions. Everyone is exhausted. Our kids don’t have enough down time and we as parents never finish the overwhelming list of things that need to be achieved each and every day.  Work doesn’t get the right level of focus and attention. But then you feel like you’re not there enough for your kids either. Weekends and holidays bring temporary relief but don’t actually solve the issue of two big conflicting priorities and a serious lack of time and energy.

Make just one change

Yep, just one! Imagine waking up every morning refreshed, in control and looking forward to the day.  Secure in the knowledge that you’ve got every important detail regarding your family covered. That your kids will get what they need from you first, no conflicting priorities, that you’ll be there for every sick day and school event. Doing work that you love and is completely flexible to your family’s changing needs. Working with a great team of people who completely understand family life; no judgement, just complete support. Being there for your family when they need you without losing your financial independence.

And remember that once elusive ‘me-time’? Even that is back within your reach and you’re able to go to the gym or for a run or whatever it is that works for you to keep body and mind healthy.

Where to start

Firstly we need to work out if you’re really ready to change your life and for that you are best to take advantage of my free 30 minute coaching call. Call or email today to claim yours and we’ll take it from there!

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