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16 years ago supplements were never something I’d considered before, they were for older people as far as I was concerned (so kinda like my age now!) But when you’re diagnosed with something like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I guess anything is worth a go.  It was a friend of mine who started me thinking about supplements, she was taking some which were working for her so she suggested I take a look. I did my research and for the first time I became aware of the issues around the way we produce our food these days. And how vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies can have such an impact on our body. What I read made sense, the products she’d recommended seemed to be good quality and taking a couple of supplements in the morning seemed no big deal so I went ahead and ordered some.

I do believe that they played an important part in my initial recovery, but, I got blasé about life and stopped taking them after a few years. So when I suffered my recent relapse I was keen to get my hands on some good quality supplements again. I couldn’t get hold of the original ones I’d had so that’s when I spoke to my friend who had been raving about a range of products based on natural aloe vera. Of course I did my research first, and what I read made sense so I decided to give them a try. I believe that they continue to play an important part in my battle against this latest ME relapse although in no way am I suggesting that they cure.  But surely making sure my body has all the nutrients it needs to function at its best can only be a good thing.

Over the last couple of years I’ve played around with my supplement routine, below is what I’m finding works best for me at the moment.  You’ll see I take a fair few, in fact my kids regularly tell me I’ll rattle when I take them all in the morning!  But I wouldn’t be without them, occasionally I run out (hello brain fog!) and I do feel the difference.  So right now this is what I’m sticking with.

Clean 9

Clean 9 kit newThis was my introduction to the products, and what an introduction!   I can’t deny that the fast during the initial two days coupled with my first taste of the gel were challenging. But I felt great at the end of the 9 days, I had more energy and I was sleeping better.  As an added bonus my skin was glowing and I was 5lbs lighter – happy days!  I now regularly complete the Clean 9 programme to re-set my body, get back into a good sleeping pattern and for an energy boost. You can do the programme every 12 weeks if you want but I tend to do it about every 6 months.

Aloe Vera Gel

If you’ve come across these product before it’s probably the gel you’ve heard of.  As renowned for it’s amazing properties as it is for its taste!  For me, the 200 nutrients naturally produced and harvested in one easy to take drink is prefect; I couldn’t have designed it any better myself! Although the taste and texture can take some getting used to, it’s worth it for the mixture of minerals, vitamins and amino acids you get from a small shot of gel. Just spend a few minutes looking up symptoms of deficiencies in minerals such as magnesium or potassium and you’ll see how similar they are to ME.  Quite frankly I have enough symptoms!

Bee Pollen

Ooh, I do love these little beauties!  Bee Pollen provide me with a much needed energy boost, and to be honest, I take 2 every morning no matter how I feel.  The beauty is it’s a natural energy so I find there’s no big peak and then drop, and if I need more than my initial two tablets I just take more throughout the day (sometimes up to 8 a day).  They’re packed full of nutrients too.  A word of warning, I am able to do more when I take these but I have to be careful. It’s very easy to overdo it with the additional energy so if you do try them be mindful of how much you feel you’re able to do without setting yourself back.

Forever Daily

forever daily

These are a fairly new addition to my routine following product training I attended.  I learnt that the gel didn’t contain Selenium and when I looked up Selenium deficiency I found low immunity, tiredness and brain fog as symptoms.  If you suffer from ME you’ll know what we already have enough of these symptoms thank you very much!  So I added Forever Daily to my routine  to get the full RDA of Selenium plus a top up on essential vitamins and minerals.  I have to say I noticed a difference just days after adding these to my morning routine.


Forever Multi Macca

So I take these to protect the pots and pans in the kitchen……..!!  Yep, I have discovered that without them my moods swing so much that I have a tendency to throw things around – oops!  I’m sure its linked to my hormones, there’s a cycle, but it is easier to deal with when I’m taking these.  And a lot less expensive than buying new kitchen pots and pans!


Argi+ is marketed in the fitness section but I’ve learnt that it can actually be taken daily for overall health and as an energy boost.  And lets be serious I’m up for anything that can provide a bit of extra energy!  Now I do go to the gym, which is controversial for someone with ME, and I do always take Argi+ before I go.  But I also use it for an extra energy boost on other days particularly if there’s something on that I really want to do but don’t feel able to.  As with the bee pollen be mindful that it’s easy to overdo it and set yourself back.  And my latest discovery is having it hot when I’ve got a cold, tastes amazing and really helps lift me.  

Forever Royal Jelly

Now I don’t take these daily but I do have them in the house as they can come in very handy.  Mostly they live next to my bed for those nights when I just can’t sleep, I dissolve two of them under my tongue which often helps.  I also reach for them when I get really low. On those bad days where I’m down, where it all just gets on top of me.

Forver Therm

And so my final supplement may seem a strange one for ME but let me explain.  My weight increases when I’m ill, apparently weight fluctuation is also a symptom of ME and my weight always fluctuates up – nice!  I don’t weigh myself often but I do feel my clothes getting tighter.  These are part of the new Clean 9 programme which is where I first tried them.  Obviously it’s the whole programme which results in weight loss, but, I decided it made sense to try to add them to my routine to see if it made a difference.  And I think they have,  I don’t seem to expand quite so much when I’m taking them!

So, there it is, my supplement routine.  Get your hands on all of these products here or go to the ‘Shop’ tab at the top of my blog.

The beauty with these supplement is that you get 60 days to try them; if they don’t work for you just ask for a full refund – make sure you keep your receipt and the container though!

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