Update May – living with ME 2017

Well, this was meant to be posted weeks ago!  And from that I’m sure you can correctly work out that all has not gone as well as hoped in the last few weeks….

But some of it did……..so in the spirit of being positive let me start there.

After February half term  I made the decision that I felt strong enough to ‘get back into routine’.  What that means for me is being really focused on my health; taking the vitamins that I know help my body function better even when I don’t feel like it; taking the horrible powder supplements that make my body tingle and itch but go straight to the mitochondria giving them the energy they lack while minimising the effect of the lactic acid build up in my body; eating healthily (well most of the time, weekends don’t really count in my book!); fasting two days a week; listening to mindset blueprints regularly; getting back into the gym and of course being out and about on my bike with the kids.

And I did it.  It was a six week half term for the kids.  It’s been 6 months since I was able to do my routine for a sustained period of time (ie more than a week!) And in those 6 weeks I was really on it.  Well, lets be honest I’m never going to be a gym bunny and can quite often be found losing my balance and hitting myself with quite heavy objects, but I was there and active which is a win in my book. Surprisingly after just a week of quite pathetic routines, my body started craving bigger work outs.  As I tend to go with it these days, I picked up my normal heavier weights and to my surprise I was still able to do it.  By week 4 I was pretty much back into my old routines, good weights, good reps and able to walk out not crawl out at the end!

I stuck to fasting and taking all of my supplements.  I was tired but feeling pretty good.  And very excited as my brain had switched back on.  It’s hard to describe what that feels like and what it was like before so I’m going to do a different post to talk about that…….I’ll probably sound kind of loopy but my brain feels like it’s been asleep for most of the last four years and I’m suddenly having to deal with a multitude of ‘stuff’ that’s happened in that time.  More to come on this….

But of course I have kids and so my tale of joy was interrupted……in the middle of the sixth week I started to cough.  Not a big deal unless your son has been coughing horribly for weeks and you have a concern that you’ve caught the same thing.  Which I had.  But, my stubbornness kicked in and I persevered through to the end of the week clocking up my goal of six weeks.  By that time it was Easter and I’d planned to take it easy for the two week holidays anyway which would give me the time i needed to get over the cough……

Unless of course it was a nasty chest infection that by all accounts is both viral and bacterial and lasts for 2-3 months.  Which is why I’m only just writing this post.  Cue a horrible Easter where I was just able to build myself up enough to join in with the few social events we had organised before collapsing back on the sofa.  Greg, my husband, also caught it and so did my eldest Mitch.  So that was four out of five of us coughing and spluttering throughout the whole Easter hols.  Somehow Elliza, my little girl, avoided the whole thing.  I really need to understand what her secret is!

Literally everything fell apart for me.  I couldn’t face supplements, fasting or anything else that was good for me.  The kids went back to school after the Easter hols and my gym stuff stayed firmly in my wardrobe.  Of course my ME being the nightmare that it is has taken full advantage and all symptoms are kicking off.  Although my brain has mostly stayed which is both interesting and a massive relief.

The fact that I’ve been so ill will be a surprise to people who have seen me out and about.  You see I’ve had years of practice building myself up to do things I want to do and then dealing with the consequences after.  So I made it to a family barbie, organised Greg’s birthday party, supported the kids rugby festival and had a couple of lovely nights with friends.  And I crashed after every one of them.  But apart from the cough I looked fine.  And I’m OK with that, when I’ve gone to the trouble to get myself out I intend to enjoy it and don’t really want to be talking about how ill I’ve been, or will be in the morning!

It’s now been three weeks since the kids went back to school.  In the first week I started taking my nutritional supplements again and after about a week I felt the benefit.  The second week I managed to make it to the gym but for very tiny workouts.  This third week hasn’t started well after a weekend of no sleep due to my eldest’s birthday sleepover.  I still can’t really face the powder mitochondria boosting supplements so I’m only taking those if I make it to the gym.  I’m not really sure what that’s about but listening to my body tends to work well for me.

And yet I am the most positive and excited that I’ve been in a very long time. Despite the knock back my brain is back, I’ve proved I can do it, I’m looking into some new research on ME which may hold some real answers and I’ve kicked out more work in the last few weeks than I’ve done in the last four years.  And I’m still way too stubborn to let a chest infection completely stop me!





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