Sonya Daily Skincare System

The recently launched Sonya daily skincare system is the second new skincare range launched by Forever that is based on nature meets science. Yet again, Aloe has been taken into the lab to work out how best to leverage its affects this time on combination skin. Given how good the anti-ageing Infinite range is, I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with this time.

What does it do?

The scientifically-advanced skincare uses a gel delivery system that carries the aloe, moisture and botanicals directly to your skin. The products in the range boast a high concentration of aloe and a hydra-infused system that gently targets the skin to improve its overall look and feel. And in the same way as the drinking gel works synergistically, so the overall affect is more than the total of the individual components, the new skincare system works in the same way.

What exactly is combination skin?

Combination skin tends to fluctuate between oily and dry. It can be really oily or really dry or a mixture of both! In order to cope with this the range has been designed to control shine while also delivering moisture to where it’d needed most.

Fab looking products!

The new range comes in really lovely, modern packaging and if you go for the whole lot in one go you get a stunning bright green toiletry bag to keep them in

What are they really like?

OK, so that’s all the factual stuff but what do the products feel like and do they actually work? The feedback on these products has been amazing. Their ability to adapt to the different skin types is brilliant meaning you really can moisturise the dry bits and control the shiny bits with just one product. Each product is so refreshingly light that it sinks quickly and easily into your skin leaving it feeling refreshed.

What’s in the set?

Refreshing gel cleanser – gently cleanses and conditions your face while it washes away dirt and debris without stripping skin. There’s no tightening of the skin after use as it’s full of moisturising agents like cold press baob oil and the acacia concinna helps remove dead cell build-up, dirt and make up for a thorough, yet soft, cleanse.

Refining gel mask – one of the easiest masks to use, simply apply before bedtime and let the mask do its thing while you sleep. It’s been scientifically formulated to optimise the way your skin functions at nigh and by leveraging the natural functions of the body while you sleep, the mask helps support balance by controlling oil and brightening the appearance of skin. The mask is infused with plenty of botanicals including carrot seed oil, basil oil Artemisia pallens flower oil and soybean oil along with moisturisers such as aloe gel, apple fruit extract clover flower extract, sasa quelpaertensis extract and liquorice root plant. Just rinse thoroughly in the morning.

Illuminating gel – thanks to encapsulated peptides in this quick absorbing gel, this products formula can help deliver the latest technology to your skin. A unique blend of green and brown algae, known for helping to even skin tone and soften age spots, has been paired with liposomes and red clover flower extract to help reduce the appearance of large pores. Illuminating gel is unlike anything else on the market thanks to its unique collection of five Asian botanicals scutallaria baicalensis root, glycyrrhiza glabra root, morus alba root, artemisia capillaris flower and zizyphus jujuba fruit.

Soothing gel moisturiser – although this looks like a lotion it is made with the gel based formula and so melts into your skin and doesn’t leave any residue. It’s packed full of natural ingredients like apple fruit extract, pomegranate fruit extract, fig fruit extract, mulberry fruit extract, ginkgo biloba extract, jojoba esters and olive oil to help skin feel hydrated and supple. Beta-glucan soothes and evens skin tone plus there’s anit-ageing ingredients like linoleic acid and hydrolysed collagen and it’s infused with with orange and mandarin peel oil, roman camomile and geranium oil, and bergamot fruit oil to leave skin feeling refreshed.

An exciting new product range that’s spot on for combination skin!

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