Aloe Bio Cellulose Mask

I’m always intrigued when Forever launches a new product as I know how much research goes into any new product line. And I have to say as a regular user of Forever’s Marine Mask, I wasn’t sure why they were launching a new one. So I did a bit of research (which of course included trying one of them for myself) and this is what I discovered………

We’re all into masks these days, who knew!

 I'm always intrigued when Forever launches a new products as I know how much research goes into choosing and formulating any new product line. But I have to say as a regular user of Forever's Marin Mask, I wasn't entirely sure why they had chosen to launch a new I did a bit of research (which of course included trying one of them for myself) and this is what I discovered.........

We're all into masks these days, who knew?!

According to Google we're searching like mad to find the latest and most effective mask.....and the top things we're searching for is hydration and moisturisation.

What you need to know if you're thinking of trying a mask is that there are three tiers:

  1. Paper mask usually made from cotton or bamboo 
  2. Hydrogel mask
  3. Bio-cellulose mask

Bio-cellulose masks are top of the market as they stay on the face better (take a look at this review) and hold more of the mask ingredients so they're more effective.

Naturally, Forever has chosen to put themselves in the bio-cellulose category and their new mask is a top of the line, top of the market mask that delivers benefits deeper than any other mask in this category.

Apparently they've been working on this mask in secret for years

So if they've been working on it for years, it must have a few tricks up its sleeve then? Well, to grow this bio-cellulose mask, Forever starts with fermentation from coconut which grows good bacteria. This pro-biotic needs food and so it's fed Aloe Gel during development and then micro organisms spin a fibrous material which is the bio-cellulose. Forever are the first company in the world to have aloe spun into the fibres of the mask itself. And those fibres are a thousand times thinner than a human hair allowing bop-cellulose masks to reach fine lines and wrinkles traditional masks just can't reach!

Those bio-cellulose fibres are extremely moisture retentive and when the mask is dipped into a serum of aloe and other botanicals you have a dual phase delivery system.  The mask itself is suitable for all skin types and works well for men and women, yes it even works through a beard! And after use there's no need to rinse as the bio cellulose fibres drive the nutrients deep into the skin better than any other mask giving a really high absorption rate.

Key benefits

  • rejuvenates dull skin
  • helps fight the signs of ageing
  • soothes skin & reduces the appearance of redness and fine lines & wrinkles
  • the benefits can be seen as soon as you peel the mask off

Key ingredients

  • aloe vera which is present in both the mask and serum
  • seagrass helps to soften & condition plus it loves aloe and they work beautifully together

and in the serum

  • horse chestnut helps to reduce redness & rejuvenate dull skin
  • green tea empowers healthy ageing
  • antioxidants to combat the signs of ageing
  • glycerin which is extremely moisturising


  • use 1-2 times per week
  • when you tear open the package, squeeze any excess serum out and rub on your face, neck, chest, arm, legs......just don't waste it!
  • unfold mask and remove textured paper on one side
  • apply mask to your face and mould it - tip you can pull off the eye flaps and put them on your lips if you wish
  • peel off the outside textured paper
  • leave on for 20 minutes
  • remove mask, no rinse required, and rub in any excess serum

Note: the mask will feel slimey and cool, if it feels prickly you left the paper on! Once you've finished with the mask throw it in your compost pile, no need to add to your rubbish.

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