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This month I want to talk about Forever Bright Toothgel. Now even as I'm writing this, I realise that toothpaste is not the most exciting subject in the world! Although interestingly a ridiculous percentage of adverts I see on TV these days is for one of the many many toothpaste products that are now on the market. So in a world of sparkly white teeth smiling back at you from adverts with the latest and greatest toothpaste revolution, I'll keep this post brief!

Contains no fluoride

We may as well start with the controversial point! It is widely accepted here in the UK that we need fluoride in our toothpaste to protect our teeth. It's what our dentists are taught in dentist school so it's what we are told by them. And questioning that can feel extremely uncomfortable, let alone admitting to your dentist that you've gone against their advise and opted for a less toxic, more natural way of looking after your teeth.

As we all know (or really should know), fluoride is a poison used in insecticides, rat poison and weapons of mass destruction. The reason why it is put in our water supply and toothpastes is that it acts as an armour that can help block bacteria, called plaque, from decaying you teeth.  What maybe isn't made as clear is that if you brush and floss properly, then there's nothing to protect your teeth from.

So fluoride is not essential for looking after our teeth and interestingly most European countries have never had fluoride in their water and they often use fluoride-free toothpaste.

What is essential in a toothpaste is ingredients that kill bacteria and clean your teeth and gums properly. And when you clean your teeth properly you do not need to ingest poison (fluoride) to strengthen your teeth against decay-causing bacteria as you've already dealt with it.

A final point on fluoride, we ingest around 33% of the toothpaste we put on our brush and children eating toothpaste is on of the top calls to poison help lines........


Most toothpastes are abrasive so while they scrub the plaque from your teeth, they also grind away the protective enamel. Luckily there's a more expensive toothpaste to deal with that problem eh?! Forever Bright Toothgel is not abrasive so your enamel remains intact. Apparently you can test this for yourself by rubbing toothpaste on something like a clear plastic bottle and seeing the damage it does.


Full disclosure here, the only way to whiten your teeth more than cleaning the stains off them is to go to a dentist and have them bleached. In our modern quest for the whitest, brightest smile, whitening toothpastes are a big seller but the whitening they refer to is simply from lifting stains. And as the Toothgel cleans and remove stains brilliantly, it whitens as much as any other toothpaste, in fact maybe more as it doesn't damage the white enamel.

Natural, cleaning ingredients

Each tube of toothgel contains 130g of aloe vera gel plus bee propolis which are natural, chemical-free anti-biotic and anti-bacterial ingredients that cleanse without requiring abrasion. The levels of the ingredients have been carefully assessed to provide the optimum percentage for effective cleaning. In addition, these ingredients care for the whole of your mouth, not just your teeth and gums.

Fresh and minty

The toothgel has a natural mint flavour that's pleasant to use and feels fresh and clean after use.

My observations

To fluoride or not is a big question and one that is personal choice. If you choose to go natural, this toothgel is definitely top of the list. Since using it I have noticed that my sensitivity isn't such a big issue. My teeth feel incredibly clean. And when you're caught out (and here I'm thinking very late night, too much Prosecco or camping and can't be arsed to go to the toilet block), simply rubbing the toothgel over my teeth with my fingers results in clean teeth. Not to be recommended as a daily method as I know it's not reaching all areas of my teeth, but definitely good enough every now and then! So far, all my dentist checks have gone well and I've even been offered 9 month instead of 6 month check ups as my teeth are so good. A lovely offer that I couldn't take up as that would leave my husband running the 6 month checks for him and the kids and I couldn't deal with the stress! In fact, there are 5 of us that go to the dentist, 3 who use the toothgel and 2 who use a normal fluoride toothpaste. The dentist has no idea and recently commented that we all clearly look after our teeth and use a good fluoride toothpaste.........I admit, I didn't correct him!

I should stress here that I do brush my teeth twice a day (exceptions listed above) and floss daily.



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