It’s nice to be recognised!

I am still smiling that I got a rugby award on Sunday, I mean I’ve never played rugby at all in my life ever!

So why the award you may ask…….because I support our local rugby club where all 3 of our kids play. Not just turning up and freezing my bits off every Sunday morning while consuming copious amounts of tea and bacon rolls. But getting involved in the running of the teams and the club.

And I love it. Of course I sometimes find myself wondering why I do it, but ultimately, I just enjoy helping people. I get a real buzz, a real satisfaction from doing something positive to impact other people’s lives.

It’s what I love most about the work that I do. Gone are the politics, climbing the corporate ladder shenanigans and endless pointless meetings, and in return I get to be part of someone else’s journey to create a wonderful life for them and their family.

Naturally it’s hard at times. I find myself switching between coach, mentor, trainer, counsellor and any other role I need to provide them with but wow, when people hit their goals there’s no feeling like it.

The best bit about all of this is that my kids are watching me. They’re learning that helping people and giving back to the community is just what you do in life. And that’s a great lesson for them to learn.

And although my kids don’t really know what to make of my rugby award yet, I have to say that as embarrassing as it was to collect it, it does feel amazing to be re recognised.

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