Here's the answers to a few questions that seem to be asked quite regularly. If you can't see your questions here, feel free to email me jo@jojodavies.com.

Q: How much cash will I have at risk?

A: We’ll work out your investment during the initial business planning and you will know the start up costs before you commit. Being a home-based business the costs will be lower than a traditional business but you will still need to know that you are able to cope should something happen and you need to pull out.

Q: How much time will my new business consume?

A: This is pretty much down to you! Obviously the more time you put in, the quicker your success. But the whole point of setting this up is that it fits around your current commitments. Consistency is more key than the amount of time you can commit.

Q: What are the chances of success?

A: Again this is one entirely up to you!  The only real way you can fail is to give up, everything else is just a learning lesson and a matter of time.

Q: Can I test-run the business part-time before quitting my job?

A: Absolutely, one of the income streams we can take into account is your current job. This will give you less time to work on your business so it will probably take you longer to set up but offers extra security and financial stability.

Q: What kind of person is successful?

A: There’s no specific background or education that leads to success but your drive, determination, work ethic and resilience will all play a major part.

Q: How can my past education and experience help me?

A:  Your skills and experience will be invaluable in your new business and we will ensure that you leverage them to your advantage at every opportunity!

Q: Will my business be scalable?

A: Yes, we will set up your business with solid processes that will enable you to scale your business to suit.

Q: What’s my exit strategy?

A: Great question and not one everyone thinks of! The core business model provides a residual, willable income so after a few years hard work you will be able to step back from that element of the business and still receive the income.

Q: The thought of selling anything really scares me, what can I do to overcome this?

A: A lot of people feel this way and you will be spending a lot of time learning how to sell in the right way based on the belief that people hate to be sold to but love to buy!

Q. How on earth will I find clients/customers?

A: This is fully covered in the marketing section of the start up programme. We’ll identify your ideal client and then put a marketing plan in place to connect with them.