Living with ME – my latest crash

I always hope that either I will get better or at least learn about what makes me crash.  But while I’m definitely in a better place than I have been in the last 5 years, I’m not back to full health. ME is still very much present and what makes me crash varies so much from day to day, week to week, month to month that I haven’t quite worked it out yet.

What is a crash?

If you have ME you’ll know all about them, but if you don’t then a crash is a sudden decline in health that’s very hard to get out of. Suddenly, for no obvious reason, you’re just not able to do the things you were able to do yesterday.  Such as walk up your stairs at home without getting out of breath, stand too long or pick up your child.  Arms that worked, muscles that had strength just don’t anymore.  And with a body that no longer functions, comes a brain that’s not really sure with what’s going on!

This time I noticed it

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Update May – living with ME 2017

Well, this was meant to be posted weeks ago!  And from that I’m sure you can correctly work out that all has not gone as well as hoped in the last few weeks….

But some of it did…… in the spirit of being positive let me start there.

After February half term  I made the decision that I felt strong enough to ‘get back into routine’.  What that means for me is being really focused on my health; taking the vitamins that I know help my body function better even when I don’t feel like it; taking the horrible powder supplements that make my body tingle and itch but go straight to the mitochondria giving them the energy they lack while minimising the effect of the lactic acid build up in my body; eating healthily (well most of the time, weekends don’t really count in my book!); fasting two days a week; listening to mindset blueprints regularly; getting back into the gym and of course being out and about on my bike with the kids. Continue reading “Update May – living with ME 2017”

Living with ME 2017… goes!

I want to start this post with saying a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to comment/text/message/chat to me about my last blog post.  It is still massively weird to be opening up about this side of my life, but, having now spoken to so many people who are living with similar issues, either ME or other invisible illnesses,  I am happy to know my uncomfortableness (is that even a word?!) has been worth it so far!

One of the things the last few weeks has confirmed to me is that I can’t write for jack when I’m not well!  But what I have been able to do is jot down random thoughts which I’ve used to write this post.  And what’s come through the most in those off the wall ramblings is what I actually do on my bad days so that’s what I’m going to focus on in this post.

Not looking my best but proof I made it to the gym!

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Not giving in to ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)

So this is my first bog post (nervous or what?!) , and I had to start with this – not giving in to ME.  It’s really important to me at the moment, the last three years of my life have been dramatically affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis but I still refuse to give in to it or let it define me.  Now I’ve had ME for about 15 years now, and I was very ill for the first two of them, but I then had it in control for ten years.  When I say in control I guess it never really goes away, but, for those ten years I pretty much lived a ‘normal’ life.  In fact so normal that I actually googled my symptoms just over three years ago, I searched on “feeling tired, can’t think straight, headache” and there towards the top of the results was the NHS Symptom checker for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…… can imagine how stupid I felt!   Continue reading “Not giving in to ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)”