The difference

Uniquely you with full guidance & support

Making the commitment to change your life is a huge step. There’s no denying that it will be hard to move away from the comfortably predictable life you have now, and for good reason: we’re actually wired to stay the way we are now even when it isn’t working for us! But for those who can break through that comfort zone and take the bold move of making that all-important change, the chances of success are far greater when utilising the support and training I offer.

Right from the very beginning, where you are now, I am committed to supporting you reach the right decision for you. Offering free coaching calls and follow up sessions, whether these lead you to working with me or not, this is by far the most important step for you so we need to get it right. And it’s the one that’s often rushed or skipped altogether.

Framework, guidance and support

Having wasted a bit of time myself getting it, well, to be honest a little bit wrong to start with, I set about ensuring that others didn’t make the same mistakes. Utilising the skills and knowledge of the business mentors I’ve worked with over the years, along with my corporate skills, I developed my unique business start up programme to give you the best start to your business.

This simple to follow step by step process builds your business from scratch utilising knowledge and training not just from me but also experts in specific areas of business. I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to build your business that suits you, your skills, your inspirations and your ideas while making sure it’s built on stable foundations and processes that leverage your time to maximum effect. Plus we’ll also ensure that your business is scalable so that it can grow with you.

Flexible times to suit you

We’ll find mutually suitable times that work for us both for our regular coaching and mentoring sessions. Leaving the corporate world behind, working time is when it works for us, whatever time that it! Plus I’ll be available in between sessions to answer your questions or review anything you’re working on.

Increasing your chances of success

You only have to spend a brief time on the web researching mentoring to realise how much of an impact it has. Almost every really successful person has worked with a business mentor. Not only will it keep you on track and help get you through the difficult times, it also means that when you work with me you’ll spend more time building your business and less time scratching your head!